A Different Breed


Auteur: Hans Alblas



How to Relate to the New Apostolic Reformation?

An assessment of the so-called New Apostolic Reformation, from a broad evangelical perspective and in comparison with the Vineyard movement.

You may never have heard of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Still, many individual Christians, churches and ministries belong to this fast-growing movement. The NAR offers a serious challenge to the church, especially to the evangelical, Pentecostal and ‘Third Wave’ parts of it. The apostolic movement and the Vineyard movement share the same time and context of origin. Comparing them offers a lot of insight to anyone who is interested in the subject. The apparent similarities between these movements make this study extra relevant for both of them. At its core is an assessment of the NAR from a broader evangelical perspective. This not only leads to clear conclusions, but also shows what a respectful and careful evaluation of any movement may look like. The final chapter explores how Vineyard and other churches could join forces with new apostolic churches for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in our time.

Auteur Hans Alblas
ISBN 9789082968033
Verschijningsdatum April 2022
Uitvoering Paperback, 134 pagina’s